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healthy boundaries for better relationships  


About Me

Beverly Weinhold is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in MA and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in KY.  She is also Ordained Clergy (UCC Southeast Conference) who is a trained Spiritual Director.  Beverly believes in creating an environment of trust and acceptance with clients.


A practitioner of holistic psychotherapy, Beverly’s approach is evidence based CBT and spiritually sensitive Mindfulness.  She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, grief, stress, life transitions, relational estrangement and lingering trauma with abuse survivors.  


Following the completion of her Master’s degree in counseling from Salem State University and Masters in Divinity from Andover Newton at Yale, she earned a Doctorate in pastoral counseling from Louisville Seminary.  Focusing her work on healthy boundaries in personal life and houses of worship, she developed the workshop Boundaries:  Being Defined But Staying Connected presenting it cross-country to churches, seminaries and conferences.  


Dr. Weinhold sums up:  “Experience teaches me that another's spirituality woven together with evidence based practices opens space for wholistic healing. 


Trauma Informed Services
Small Groups and Fees


Trauma in childhood has life altering effects on adulthood. When life is interrupted we develop coping mechanisms to survive as children that no longer work as adults. We can feel 'different' trying to perform and be perfect hoping no one will notice. 

I help clients name feelings, integrate emotions, notice triggers and spot unhealthy habits coping with trauma.  Narrating and owning your story, seeing your strengths emerge leads to stronger relational skills, more agency to make choices and deeper calm and confidence. 


Anxiety can range from feeling edgy to being overwhelmed. It can look like tension, irrational fear and even intrusive thoughts  and impulses to harm someone we love.  None of these feelings mean you are crazy. 


 I help clients by teaching mindfulness breathing exercises moving to cognitive behavioral practices that include keeping a worry record, noticing and becoming curious about anxiety and learning strategies to self soothe, tolerate stress and regulate emotions. 


When you lose a loved one or even experience significant loss like a job, life loses luster. That lens leaves us in a liminal darkness feeling alone. Some want us to "get over it" or "see the brighter side," but this is just not helpful. 


I help people who are grieving to tell their story as many times as they want to make meaning. Learning the stages is helpful but knowing they are not linear is healing. Beginning to sit with the story and see it from multidementionsal sides reframes memory and gets us unstuck to start moving forward. 

Small Groups

Healthy Boundaries: Being Defined Staying Connected

Boundaries are one of the most needed skills to live life in today's society.  Rather than building walls, boundaries build bridges toward more respectful relationships with ourselves with others. Rightly understood, boundaries are the sacredness of self in relationship to others.  This is an 6 week group experience offered in October and May of of no more than 7 people who meet  for 90 minutes.

contact: for information/register. 

Small Group Spiritual Direction for Clergy and Seminarians.  

This is an ongoing group meeting 1x monthly for 60 mins ($50/ session).

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a contemplative practice of exploring and deepening your relationship with the Sacred.  It is an ancient practice within the Christian tradition going back before the early church and now making a comeback in contemporary life.

In a nutshell spiritual direction is about paying attention to where the presence of God is most deeply felt. And becoming attuned to what you are seeing/hearing so as to make connections and discern meaning to make surer decisions. 


Spiritual direction pursues the art of listening and walking with God. Spiritual Directors don’t walk the walk for you. But come along side seeing God seeing you.


Psychotherapy is $130. Spiritual Direction is $100, payable at the time of service. I accept cash, check or Pay Pal with a Master Card or Visa. In Office or Zoom services.


Services are reimbursable by most "out of network" insurance plans. Most plans have this option. An out-of-network plan means that your insurance company will fully or partially reimburse for care outside their network of health care providers with an Invoice. 


You can contact your insurance to determine what percentage they will pay for out of network therapy. Ask your insurance, "do I have out-of-network benefits?" and "what is your reimbursement rate for outpatient psychotherapy?"


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