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"Throughout the course of my sessions with Dr. Weinhold, I discovered how to recognize and name my feelings after a lifetime of avoidance which was huge for me. She helped me find my self worth that was buried under years of negative thinking. Her gentle reminders of God's presence in my life has led me to a much deeper desire to enhance my spiritual journey with prayer and meditation."


-Former Client


"I saw Dr. Weinhold after a divorce and she was most helpful. I have emerged with a firm sense of self, the ability to set and enforce boundaries, and much deeper understanding of the life events that have shaped me. Dr. Weinhold is a unique therapist in her ability to integrate psychological and theological theories to address the emotional and spiritual dimensions of life."


-Former Client,

"Her knowledge and skills in understanding and addressing the impact or traumatic experiences on both a family/community and individual level far exceeds most, if not all, of the professionals I know in the Louisville area. She has an unparalleled understanding and skills related to integrating spiritual beliefs and practices into her therapeutic relationships."


-Sam Stoghill, PsyD. St. Luke Center, Louisville

"In the last decade she has networked effectively and established an excellent reputation in the area as a therapist, presenter and social advocate...I invited her to be a guest speaker in my classes at seminary; she consistently did an outstanding job...I have also heard from area pastors that she offered the best boundary training workshop that they had ever attended."

-Carol J. Cook, Phd, Mdiv, LMFT, LCSW

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