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A practitioner of holistic psychotherapy, Beverly cares about the body, mind and spirit.  Seasoned with 20 years of experience she is eclectic weaving together Cognitive Behavioral techniques with narrative therapy and family systems alongside spiritually sensitive Mindfulness.  Practicing both psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, she views these practices as two separate disciplines:  “While I am present to both these professions whenever I am in the room, I have come to honor each as distinct disciplines that offer complimentary paths toward well-being.


Non judgmental, she creates a climate of acceptance, safety and trust.  Collaborative in approach, she invites clients to step back and see a Bigger Sky from which to target problems, craft a game plan and learn skills and strategies that last long after therapy ends.  


Licensed Mental Health Counselor: 1991-present, 3692 MA. 
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor: 2008-present, 10316 KY.
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor: 1993-present, 32936 National.

Ordained Minister. United Church of Christ: 2001-present.  Central Association. MA Conference.


Governor's Board: Child Abuse and Exploitation Prevention (2021-2022).

Survivor's Council:  KY Office of the Attorney General (2017-2019).

ABC News (2019): bills enabling a statewide clergy abuse investigation, Pete Madden; Sept 5.

Weinhold, B. (2004). Consider it, take counsel and speak up!  Journal of Religion and Abuse (6)1: 31-35.

Weinhold, B. (2011, Oct). "Spotlight on domestic violence." CJ, p. A10. 

Weinhold, B. (2011, Dec). "Systemic silences [Letter to the editor]." CJ, p. A10.

Help for Abused Women and Children's Award: HAWC, Salem, MA (October, 25, 2001).

Koinonia Excellence in Preaching Award: Andover Newton Theological School, Andover, MA (March 25, 2000).

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